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Marlo is the owner/founder of Pacific Music Therapy. She is a Board Certified Music Therapist and a 200 RYT through Yoga Alliance. She uses music in its many forms as a means of helping others process loss, grief, and end of life transitions. She believes that music is an energetic force that is a direct expression of one's well-being. Marlo is passionate about opening pathways to transformation through music and the arts. Her music creates an energetically healing, open and loving space, and encourages a deep soulful connection to the heart.



Shawnee is the owner/founder of ABLE Yoga Therapy. She is a 500 RYT, E-RYT, Yoga Therapist and Author/Writer. She believes we each have the power to heal and connect to our souls deepest longing and purpose and is passionate about facilitating healing and transformation through yoga, meditation, writing and mindful living. Her classes are Hatha/Iyengar/Restorative based with an emphasis on heart connection and the emotional body in order to encourage a deeper & more compassionate relationship with the body, mind and spirit.